Thursday, October 14, 2010


6 July 1789

As I told you before, my decision was made, and I've made myself clear to Aro that I won't join his coven of vampires, but I'll stay to study more about the existence of vampires.


At the break of dawn, Eleazar and I make our way out of the meadow. All the villagers nearby are still asleep, we must get ourselves elsewhere to hide before they wake up to see us in our sparkling skin.

As we were walking down the alley where the sun was still low enough that the shadow overcasting us were barely enough. At some point later this morning, we had to pass by a clearing where the morning sun woke up along the horizon and set our skin to sparkle.

The olive tone of Eleazar's skin, somehow made the sparkling of his skin somewhat, a little more... colourful? Well, that;'s just understating things, it's just, there's no word to describe it. Just like the eighth colour in the rainbow that I haven't mention in the journal, if only there is such thing for us to take a special moment, to stop that beautiful moment, hoping that it would last forever as how this life has offered me.

From all our interrogations between each other last night, I did found out more about the Volturi. I do know now that they are like ROYALTY, the Kings and Queens of the vampire world. Which makes me wonder, could there be something like a Prince or a Princess of the vampire world then? Chuckling internally, feeling that Eleazar would probably just ignore that question, I pushed the thought out of my mind.

He also told me about the laws that they all vampires must abide to:
1. We must not reveal who we are to the humans, if anyone of the humans find out about us, they must be either become one of us or be silenced permanently. Or the alternate punishment is for us to be silenced with them. (I shuddered upon hearing that part.)
2. We must never create an immortal child or we will be executed. (I didn't know what immortal child is so, I interrupt him to ask the question. Apparently, an immortal child is a newly born human turned into a vampire and they are forbidden because their state of mind stays the same forever, never learning new things and they crave for blood the whole time and thus will set out a killing spree.)

Well I think that is about all that he told me. He said that the Volturi set too many rules and most of them were made with his absence.

I also asked him a question that make me felt a little embarrassed, Who is SHE? Who is that girl that made Marcus changed his all doom and gloom expression? Who is that girl with the same hair colour as Aro, who was smiling, probably skipping dancing into the great hall where I met the Volturi, who made me feel happy just passing by me?

With a tiny smile on his face, Eleazar answer my question, "That's Dydime. She's Marcus' wif~ soulmate. Let me tell you, she is Aro's little sister and she has a gift too. Unlike the mind reading abilities like her brother, Dydime emits this... aura of happiness to everyone around her. Many vampires or humans that actually thinks that they fall in love with her because of her gift. Even Felix was a little smitten when he just joined us. Marcus, of course, fall in love with her too. But he is the only one that Dydime reply the same feelings to."

Thinking again and again about the information that Eleazar that filled me in, I do feel that Dydime and Marcus are really perfect for each other. Marcus is like the kind of person that goes being all doom and gloom; on the other hand, Dydime, is like the opposite kind of person, she's the kind of person that cheer people's day up despite how doom or gloom they are. Those two lovebirds complete each other.

Eleazar also mentioned that every gift a vampire has is different because no one ever thinks the same way. Very interesting if you must ask me.

We were gliding through a clearing, chattering like we're good old friends that haven't seen each other for decades when an unfortunate farmer bumped into us. He was there just in time to see our skin glittering like millions of diamonds embedded in our skin. Everything happened very quickly then.

Eleazar acted quickly. Using the lightning fast speed, he ran towards the poor farmer and lunged for his throat. Sinking his razor sharp teeth into his neck, the farmer's carotid artery was cut and Eleazar started drinking the farmer's sweet blood. The scene that happened before me, it was utterly, terrifying. I still shudders from the thought of taking away a human life was not something I'd do. In my human life, I was my father's heir, the one next in line to continue his legacy of killing creatures of evil, and now, I'm one of them.

Finishing the last drop of the farmer's blood, Eleazar turned to look at me. "Aren't you at least a tiny bit tempted Carlisle?"

"To be honest Eleazar my friend, that was quite intimidating. In fact, that's actually my first time seeing a human killed by a vampire."

"I thought you told me that your friend Aurore and Alfonso drink human blood. If so, how haven't you seen a human being killed before?" He said that as he pulled out a match and lit the lifeless body on fire.

"They do feed on humans, but they always excuse themselves before they go, urm, hunting."

Shrugging, Eleazar motioned for me to go ahead and I quickly did so to escape the scene of a human burned into ashes before my eyes.

With all that happened and the information I've got from Eleazar, I've learned just how advance the Volturi were, but I also learned just how savage they can be if provoked.

We reached Volterra near mid-morning. Eleazar led me down to a tunnel underground and we began running to the castle where the Volturi masters live. We reached to entrance of the castle's hall in just five and a half minute. The human receptionist made us wait until Aro gave her the order to let us in.

Her blood smell so sweet just like the other humans. I walk just a bit faster to quickly escape her scent and meet Aro. As soon as we were in the hall, Eleazar retreated to the side. Just like before, Aro offered me his hand to shake with. After the handshake, Aro just nodded his head and told everyone my intentions about just to stay with them, not to join them and that I meant no harm to them. With that said, Aro asked Eleazar to take me to the room I'll be staying.

It did cross my mind to persuade Aro to change his diet. Who knows, maybe if I'm able to change his diet, the others will too. Well, it's just an errant thought, still, who knows, maybe it'll work. I was lucky that my things were just a few trips back and forth from the place I was staying. My room is very simple. The walls are beige in colour, a set of sofa, a table at the near end corner of the room and a large bookshelf for me to put my collections of medical studies.

I'll write again later. Aro needs to talk to me. He said that it's something about my human life's father. I wonder what will he say? Well, that mystery will remain a mystery if I don't quickly unpack my things and go see him.


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