Wednesday, July 7, 2010


10 January 1664

I was swimming non-stop for the past few days, I reached France a little early than expected. I had reached Cherbourg yesterday but there was a few human nearby, so I ran away from them. I need to hunt as soon as possible. It will be quite, NO, but VERY dangerous for a thirsty vampire to be roaming around the city or streets when there may be some unlucky human to bump into one.

I was running about 90 miles southeast yesterday. To my surprise, I am now in Paris. I am writing on top of the roof of a beautiful cottage here in Paris, gazing into the stars, watching them blinking their eyes at me. What a beautiful sight. I can hear the two couple in this cottage sleeping, how sweet it is as they are sleeping together, enjoying every moment of being human. There are also children in this house, I can hear their fluttering heartbeat. There are five of them in this cottage. The five human, unaware of a thirsty vampire writing in his journal on their cottage roof.

I can hear some Frenchmen talking about 5 miles away. I understand what they are talking about - probably because France was quite near to Britain-.

"Pierre, Pierre, tu as un coeur de pierre" a guy had said. (Pierre, Pierre, you are stone-hearted) "Comment as-tu pu quitter ta fiancé comme ça?"(How could you left your fiance just like that?)

The guy called Pierre replied, "Ah! Vous avez posé une question simple mon ami. J'ai trouvé une autre femme, et elle est beaucoup mieux que Aurore." (Ah! You've asked a simple question my friend. I found another woman, and she is a lot better than Aurore.)

I heard another guy said, "Dominique, mon ami fou, l'amour ne dure pas éternellement. Vous n'avez pas rencontré Susanne encore, alors vous verrez pourquoi Pierre a annulé ses fiançailles." (Dominique, my foolish friend, love does not last forever. You have not met Susanne yet, then you will see why Pierre cancelled his engagement.)

Dominique replied, "J'aimerais répondre aux Susanne qui avaient notre Pierre ici pour avoir le cœur de résilier son engagement avec les plus belle femme de Paris." (I would love to meet the Susanne that had our Pierre here to have the heart to cancel his engagement with Paris' most beautiful lady.)

Pierre said again, "Hah! Matthieu a raison, vous en connaissez la raison quand vous la verrez vous-même. Quoi qu'il en soit, comment a été votre demande à l'université?" (Hah! Matthieu is right, you will know the reason when you see her yourself. Anyway, how was your application to the university?)

I stopped listening to their conversation from the word "university". A university, a place where I can start with. I would love to learn more things, from different languages to philosophy, and business to pharmacy. I will go and find the university the men were talking about, and maybe get myself registered there -that is if they do not notice me as a vampire-.

I can hear a herd of deer somewhere north of me now, I will write again after my thirst is satisfied and after I asked the university's management for another student.

I better go now, someone is waking up in the cottage.


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Thursday, July 1, 2010


3 January 1664

Today is the third day of the year 1664, or so I think. I have traveled from Southampton to somewhere near Devon now. The last I wrote is on Christmas Eve, that was the last time I had hunted to this day. I need to hunt again before I set out to my plan.

Yes, MY PLAN. I have planned to go to France. I may learn something new about my kind there. I shall take off the first break of dawn from Plymouth and perhaps will reach somewhere near Brest or Cherbourg in a few days. I plan to swim there. Do not be surprised, people swim through the English Channel all the time in these days.

I was running through the snow in the past few hours, so there are some snow on my hair now as I am writing now. I will brush them off later. I stayed at Ringwood a little longer than I had expected.

My plan to swim there now is mostly for my own convenience. The cold weather is exactly what I needed. A normal, sane human will never ever swim for a few days during a winter spree, and there will be no land to stop at and allowing them to get warm, but I, I am not human. I was once, but not anymore. I will continue to live -if it is what I should call the way I am now- and find my call in the alternatives in this new life.

It will be dawn soon, I better hurry up and hunt down some red deer or some foxes.

I will write soon when I have reached the shore of France.


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