Thursday, July 1, 2010


3 January 1664

Today is the third day of the year 1664, or so I think. I have traveled from Southampton to somewhere near Devon now. The last I wrote is on Christmas Eve, that was the last time I had hunted to this day. I need to hunt again before I set out to my plan.

Yes, MY PLAN. I have planned to go to France. I may learn something new about my kind there. I shall take off the first break of dawn from Plymouth and perhaps will reach somewhere near Brest or Cherbourg in a few days. I plan to swim there. Do not be surprised, people swim through the English Channel all the time in these days.

I was running through the snow in the past few hours, so there are some snow on my hair now as I am writing now. I will brush them off later. I stayed at Ringwood a little longer than I had expected.

My plan to swim there now is mostly for my own convenience. The cold weather is exactly what I needed. A normal, sane human will never ever swim for a few days during a winter spree, and there will be no land to stop at and allowing them to get warm, but I, I am not human. I was once, but not anymore. I will continue to live -if it is what I should call the way I am now- and find my call in the alternatives in this new life.

It will be dawn soon, I better hurry up and hunt down some red deer or some foxes.

I will write soon when I have reached the shore of France.


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