About Me

Hi, My name is Sirisa, but my friends know me as Risa,which is a Latin name meaning laughter. I am the author of Carlisle's Journal.

I am 15 (this is the year 2010), a krazy student and definitely A HUGE Twi-Hard fan. After Breaking Dawn I was of course devastated, I must have re-read them many times till my mom got angry about reading only novels not textbook when there's supposed to be an exam the next day. Then I found Bella's Diary, and several other Diaries/Journals from various characters in the Saga. That's when I thought I could give it a go myself. I haven't seen anyone writing from Carlisle's POV and thought that it might be fun doing so. I wrote a few really short ones first because I wasn't very confident. After some encouragements from my friends, I decided to ask a few opinion from other diary writers as well. I felt that Carlisle's side of the story simply needed to be told!!! And it seems unfair that all the other characters have their own Diaries/Journals, so why not?

If you have any amazing ideas which you think I should put into the Journal, feel free to e-mail me at or you can add me as your friend on Facebook, just click this link : or you can post me a feed on the official Facebook fan-page at

 Please be aware that I have nothing at all to do with Stephanie Meyer, this is just me writing because I can't bare life without Twilight!!!