Friday, June 25, 2010

The Vampire Characteristics

24 December 1663

Today is Christmas Eve and I am all alone in the dark, empty streets of Southampton. I have been quite far from home, if I still be considered as one of the citizens now. I wonder how is my father now, what is he doing at this very moment, has he set up the Christmas Tree yet? He, my father, may never accept me back as his son again, because of his despise towards the creatures of evil, he will never take me back as his son.

I just hunted a mountain lion -they taste the best of all animals I had hunted before-, so I have my energy back, and since it seems that I do not need any sleep -at all- I had spent my time in the past few months picking up on my memories, but I cannot really remember anything about my human life except to read from the entries in this journal, the other journals -if I had written more- I had left them back home and I have not return yet. In my conditions, I do not know if I can ever go home, and my father is there. Ah, home, the sound of it makes me want to run back there this very instant.

Instead of filling my mind with sad thoughts of unable to go home, I researched more of my kind. There has nothing too much to find out except for the obvious changes that I had experienced, which I was oblivious to during my failed attempts of suicide, but they did gave me a more understanding of myself.

It seems that the most obvious change will be my appearance, my voice, probably even my smell -they smelled sweet now-. It also occurred to me that the painful days in June were probably caused by the physical changes.

My blond hair look somewhat the same -I think-, my skin -I do faintly remembered that they were pale- but this, this is very very pale, as pale as a ghost if I am right, they felt warm but I realize that when I touch my prey, they shuddered like they had touched something cold, so I am assuming that my skin are cold too. My reflection in the mirror shows that my bloody red eyes are changing day by day, every time I feed is more accurate though. My eyes are still red but currently, they have this little tinge of gold in them. As I had written above, my appearance had completely change into more beautiful, godlike creature.

When I was all alone in the woods of North Yorkshire, I made a discovery as I tried to expose myself under the sun and to my un-expectations, instead of being turned into ashes and disappear away like in the myths, my skin reacted as if millions of diamonds were embedded in them.

Other changes includes the incredible speed as I run, the strength I possessed -I knew about that when I accidentally crushed a boulder when I had jumped down the cliff in one of my suicidal attempts-, my sense of smell, sight, touch and so on, are also sharper than a human being's. I think that the senses too have been altered during the painful three days.

Then I realize this sickening fact, the changes of my appearances, my altered senses, they are changed for me to lure human, to feed on them easily, the strength-to crush their bones, not letting them escape; the speed-to catch up with them in case they try to run away; the intense sight-so I can see them clearly; the inhuman beauty-to lure them, to let them want to be near me, to be unable to resist me.

The temptation of human blood, yes, the temptation that smelled so strongly, so sweet that I WANT to lounge on their throat, but I cannot!! I MUST NOT DO SO!!!


It is snowing, such a beautiful sight. I can see clearly the shape of the flakes that are falling down. Their shapes are the amazing gifts from heaven to the earth.

I will write soon, I want to enjoy the snow even though they does no longer melt on my skin. I will miss that, the feeling of being human.


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