Monday, June 21, 2010

Venom, Pain, Change

30 June 1663
It had been three excruciating days. I do not know how I managed it but I did. I do not remember anything clearly but I know that I am different from who I am before, the scorching pain in my throat confirms it.

From what memory I have left from that night, a male went out of the sewers when he heard us approaching. I was sure he shouted something in Latin to his friends. He must have been very thirsty - like I am now - I can faintly remember his twisted face fill with agony. He managed to injured me, Peter , Arthur and some of the men with us. Knowing my father's attitude of burning anything or anyone that is contaminated by evil or such, instinctively, I crawled away from the alley when the other men arrived and burn Peter , Arthur and the other men to ashes.

I had hid myself well in a cellar, and had buried myself with rotting potatoes. It was a miracle that I was able to keep silent and stayed undiscovered.

Still I am one of the evil creatures that my men and I had fought with our lives. I do not want myself to destroy families, people, even to take away a human life just to quench my own thirst.

I must find a way to destroy myself, I will not let myself to turn into the evil creature that I had fought against.

I will write again soon if I had failed my mission to destroy myself.

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