Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vegetarian Lifestyle

16 September 1663

I am quite certain for now that I am currently not by any means near to human population, so I was thinking of writing another entry.

I HAD DRANK BLOOD, a deer's blood to be exact, last night. I can see now that it is possible for me to exist without destroying any families or had to take away a human's life to satisfy my thirst, to make the pain that felt as if someone had put down a burning hot iron into my throat to go away.

Last night, I was trying to flee away from the approaching humans, I found a good place to hide myself. Though, I can feel my will failing me as I hide, but my senses on the other hand were getting stronger. Somewhere east of my hiding place, I can hear a herd of deer ran by. Instinctively, I got out of my hiding place and lounged for the largest in the herd and drained its blood.

The beating heart of the deer, was beating furiously and stopped suddenly when I was finished with it.

My energy came back to me, I can feel the control of my own will now. I have decided to research more about my kind-vampires.

I will write soon for I have found out some interesting things.


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