Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Friend

5 July 1789

A few weeks has gone by since my last encounter with the Volturi. I still remember clearly the almost translucent skin of the three leaders of that coven of vampires; Aro, Caius and Marcus. The eagerness of wanting me to join his coven, was indeed distinctly clear in Aro's milky red eyes, Caius' impatience in handling things, even Marcus' boreness was still fresh in my memory. I don't think I'd mentioned this but I think I saw Marcus' facial expression changed when a female vampire that passes by me goes into the hall. Oddly, she seemed to make me feel......happy.

Every now and then, I can feel a set of eyes watching me, figuring my "bad" intentions observing my every movement. It's not really comforting, and it's more of annoying. Ever since I've became a vampire, I find it a little hard to concentrate on things. Sometimes just a mere dust flying by can took my attention away, I would be observing every speck, every layer of things that it lays on. Besides that, me being in a room full of deliciously smelling, blood pumping humans all the while makes it hard to think clearly.

I was hunting last night. I was leaping in mid-air, lounging myself onto a mufloni. The goat with two horns was gazing in the meadow, not knowing the danger that was going to befall upon it. Suddenly, something triggered my self defense mechanism. I landed on the soft greenery that the mufloni was gazing on and was positioned into a crouch in a second. Facing somewhere about northwest, there was a man standing in the middle of  the opening of my hunting grounds. The mufloni of course ran away the opposite direction, away from me and the newcomer.

The man, who was in a dark red cloak, almost brown, with ruby red eyes, slowly, cautiously walked towards me. Raising both of his chalky white hands -which somehow have a hint olive tone- above his black hair to assure me that he wasn't going to attack. Slowly, he tries to close the distance of a few kilometers between us.

He began to speak, the Spanish accent in his voice was very obvious. "I mean no harm to you. I'm just curious about you. You see, I am one of the Volturi guards and I have heard of you from my master, Aro."

Standing straight up again, I try to remember all the faces of the red-eyed vampires in the luxurious room -maybe hall is more suitable- with the three wooden thrones. I tried and tried hard, but not a face, not even a similar one come to my photographic memory.

"You say you are one of the Volturi guards? Then tell me why haven't I met you before? If you are one of them, you must have known my, urrmm, visit to the Volturi last time."

"Yes, I am one of the Volturi guards. Why of course you've never met me before! This is my first time meeting you also! Hello! Glad meeting you, Carlisle. I am Eleazar."

"Oh, so I see. Glad meeting you too, Eleazar. So, would you mind telling me, are you new in the Volturi guards?"

Chuckling, he said, "No, I am not a new member of the Volturi. I was sent by Aro to the other side of the world to search for gifted people or vampires alike. To be honest, the main reason I'm here to see you is to observe you. I want to see how you hunt those animals. I must say, you are very good at your, urrmm, diet..."

"Why, I don't know what to say. Urrmm, thank you?"

"Then, you're welcome. Carlisle, I think it may sound a bit ridiculous, but just go on and continue hunting, I know you are thirsty."

"Of course... "

Staring me with his ruby red eyes, he watched me hunt the entire night, questioning at times about my animal blood diet. I, in return, questioned him about the Volturi too. We also talked about why I drink animal blood and he asked that if I'd drank human blood before. He was shocked to know about me resisting human blood when Alfonso almost couldn't. Anyway, we talked about a lot of things and when it was dawn, I know I've made my decision.

I'll tell you about it in my next entry.

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