Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Volturi

6 June 1789

I have not write in you for a few decades now. Last I wrote was about Aurore and Alfonso. They, of course, were shocked to see my gold-colored eyes. I explained to them that I only drink animal blood and they were confused. Eventually they decided to try on my diet as well, but their animal blood diet didn't last long. They stopped the diet after three months of trying it. Then, I left their coven. I left the University of Paris a few years later as people are starting to notice that I am not aging.

I've traveled through Spain, Switzerland, Austria and more places in these few years, learning and practicing medicine. Most people know me as Dr. Cullen nowadays. I keep moving from places to places after a few years. But still, I feel quite alone.

I've got myself enrolled into one of the famous university in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. It's the University of Pisa. It teaches Medicine, Civil Law, Canon Law and Theology. I of course take Medicine as my major subject and Civil Law and Theology as the optional ones. But that is not the main reason I'm writing in you today.

I was walking to the university at night like I always do because all my classes are night class and I hide in the day to avoid myself being caught. People around have start to think of vampires, witches and such as fairytales nowadays, so I'm quite safe to interact with them. I was very near the university when I was attacked.

His name is Felix. He attacked me and managed to take me back to Volterra and meet his masters, the leader of his coven. He dragged me down into a sewer-like tunnel and took me forward.

There they were, the three leaders of this coven of vampires in Volterra. I can see that all of them, all the vampires present wear a dark cloak over their body, hiding their faces from me. All, but one put their hood on. He sat in the middle of the three thrones before me; the other two was occupied by a vampire with snowy white hair and the other jet-black.

The vampire who sat in the middle stood up and walked towards Felix and me. With a smile on his papery-onion-like face –well more like as thin as an onion’s surface’s skin-like face-, he said, "Welcome, dear young one. Welcome to our little coven called Volturi."

Suddenly, Felix let go of his grip on my hand and walk towards the vampire who stood up just now. "Master..." he said. Then, he touched his papery onion-like hand and that vampire gasps.

Smiling again, he said, "I see Felix, you may return to your place. So, you must be Carlisle, am I right?"

"Yes, how did you know my name? Who are you?"

"Felix just told me your name and your encounter with him."

I felt my jaw dropped and quickly close it before anyone notices. As I opened my mouth to speak, I silenced myself because Aro was speaking again.

"Don't fret young one. I have a gift; I am able to read every single thought that you ever have when I touch you. Would you do me the honor?"

Slowly, he reached out his hand towards me, an invitation. Not knowing what to do, I slowly reach out my hand to touch his waiting hand. He gasped as he touched my icy cold hand -which felt quite warm to another vampire, as Aurore had commented in one of the time I'd stayed with her and Alfonso-. With pure shock in his ruby red eyes -apparently he just fed on a human's blood-, he let my hand go and he seemed like he took a few steps backwards.

“I see. Young Carlisle, you’ve never heard of us? I see. And you feed only off animal blood, am I right?”

The snow white haired vampire looked very shock, and so did the others, well, all except one that is, he sat on one the throne in the room, his hair was jet black but there was no expression on his face.

Feeling dumbstruck, I had myself focused on how to reply to his answer, but before I even open my mouth to speak, he already nodded understandingly as if he heard me thinking inside my head, all the time keep our hands holding in a hand shake position.

“I see Carlisle, I heard it in your head, as I had said before, I can hear every thought that you ever had just by one touch. Extraordinary! How remarkable it is. A creature like us but feed off animal blood instead. Would you ever consider joining us, young one?”

I was thinking again, on the pros and cons of joining them. What if I want to leave one day? What if I was to kill an innocent life during my time here? What if I leave now, not joining them, consider that I may learn something here. There are just too many what ifs.

“Aro, I know that you may had read what I was thinking already, but I need sometime to think about it.”

Aro spoke again this time, but with his voice so musical that he’d managed to make it sound like he was pleading for me to join his coven of vampires. “Ah, why of course young one. You can take your time and please do consider joining us.”

“Fine then, Aro. May I proceed into going out of here and to my class now? I am quite sure my professor is worried that his student is absent.”

“Of course then. Get on your way. If there is anything you need at all, feel free to come and see us. And don’t forget my offer young Carlisle.”

I back away slowly, then walk out of the double door and proceed to get to my class. Of course I was late, but the professor took no notice of that.

I’ll tell you my decision when my mind is cleared of confusion.

Till then,


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