Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aurore and Alfonso

 An Artist's sketch of The University Of Paris during the 1600s.
29 February 1664

It had been about a month since my last meeting with Aurore and the janitor that stared at me. The lessons have been really fascinating. Medicine really caught my interest. Everything that the professors had taught are fascinating.

I am walking now at this very same time, I am writing into you too. The silent night, with only crickets, toads and nightingales singing their songs of the night, is much enjoyed by me.

Something bad almost happened yesterday, SOMETHING REALLY BAD. Yesterday was indeed a bad day, a bad day for the humans especially. The professor decided to perform autopsy for a girl that died of an animal attack a few hours before.

The girl looked really pale. There is no way of recognizing who she was as her facial features were severely destroyed. The professor slowly began to pick up the scalpel, reaching her body. As if in an instant, the professor cut through her soft, pale skin and the red liquid started to flow out like running water. It set my throat on fire.

I am starting to have a control over my thirst, hunting only once a week. I had not hunted for about three days and the way the professor was cutting her skin and letting the blood flows out of her was overwhelming, giving me nothing but the pain in my throat that was almost unbearable.

I feel extremely lucky as there are no humans near me now. Even by only remembering the scent itself still set my throat to a point where scorching flame was not a word for it anymore.

Back to where I left our little dangerous story...

The blood flows out of her, giving out a sweet scent, a scent that was luring me. I can still see the blood, dripping one drop at a time, the memory, still fresh in my mind. Darn photographic memory! And there we go, the next thing that happened was the cause of the danger to all.

The janitor who stared at me as I had told you since the last time I wrote in you was cleaning the corridor nearby. I saw him, darting to the door, almost crushing it, just because he smelt the blood. I too, darted to the door and stopped him just in time before he could hurt anyone. We were lucky that no one saw us moving.

I pushed him to the side, pinning him down, not letting him go so that he would not be able to go into the class and drink blood from the poor girl. Furthermore, he could expose himself to the students here. Ironic is it not? Aurore had asked not to expose our existence to the humans, yet, this janitor had almost do the honor of exposing our kind to the humans.

I made sure that he would not race into the class and make my way inside to excuse myself from class, giving the excuse that I faint at the sight of blood. To my luck, the professor believed me and gave me that night off.

I used my inhuman strength and picked the janitor up my shoulders effortlessly. He did well not even trying to break my grip. When we were out of the university building, I put him down and demanded an explaination from him.

Suddenly, out of the darkness of the woods, a blur image passed by and stopped right in front of me. Aurore was standing in front of me,making  barrier between me and the janitor. Then, she quickly walked to the janitor's side and helped him up.

"Alfonso, êtes-vous d'accord? Qu'at-il fait pour vous? Alfonso, l'amour, parle-moi, dis-moi qu'est-ce qu'il fait pour vous?" (Alfonso, are you okay? What did he do to you? Alfonso, love, speak to me, tell me what did he do to you?)

"Aurore, je vais bien. Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être inquiétant." (Aurore, I am fine. There is no need to be worry about.)

"Mais Alfonso ..." (But Alfonso...)

Then she started doing what I thought is impossible, she started to sob. Her sobbing were tearless. I do not know why but the way she held him in her arms, well, I am ashamed to admit this but, I think I am jealous of that Alfonso.

Huh, what weird feeling it is. The feeling of longing, of wanting someone to be able to share things with, experiences and lots more.

Aurore continue sobbing her tearless sob while turning around to look at me.

"Avez-vous votre promesse petit? Qu'avez-vous fait à ma Alfonso?" (Did you broke your promise young one? What have you done to my Alfonso?)

Without a doubt, I know she was talking to me, and she looked rather angry. I also wonder what had she meant by my Alfonso.

"Mlle Aurore, vous n'avez pas à vous soucier de lui sentir. Je n'ai rien fait pour lui. Je n'ai fait que le sortir de l'immeuble." (Miss Aurore, you don't have to feel worry about him. I have done nothing to him. All I did was take him out of the building.)

She hissed back at me and an unknown surge of weakness came to me, as if my energy are being suck out of me. I fell to the ground and became unconcious.


Oh dear, look at the time. I should be heading over to Aurore and Alfonso's. I'll tell you what happened next time, all I can say is I was lucky Alfonso stopped Aurore in time...


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