Friday, August 6, 2010

The University

25 January 1664

As I walk into the streets of Paris, I let myself walk slowly. I do not think that the humans can run as fast as me strolling along the woods.

The humans seemed... CURIOUS... Yes, curious about me -I think-, but then again, I can see every single pulse, every single heartbeat, luring me, letting me to feel the urge, THE NATURE OF A VAMPIRE, the nature that makes me wanting to sink my razor sharp teeth into their throats, and let the warm, juicy liquid flows in and extinguish the burning flame in my throat.

The streets of Paris are full of posters, but the one poster that caught my eyes was the one about the University of Paris (Universite de Paris a la Sorbonne). It was established 300 years ago by a gentleman with the name Sorbonne, and the best of all, it is only 2 blocks away.

I had myself wrapped up in a scarf that covers my skin so they will not glitter like diamonds. Since it is still snowing, most people are putting scarves around their necks too. I also changed my clothes because the ones I was wearing were stained with animal blood.

I walk my way to the university since it was so close. Reaching there, I find my way to the office to get myself enrolled into the university. If the humans did not recognised me when I make my way here, perhaps they will not notice me studying in the university too.
I was a little shocked when I walk up to the registration table. There was the receptionist, it was not the receptionist that shocked me, but her name, AURORE. Could this be the Aurore Pierre and his friends were talking about 2 weeks ago? I do not want to let my curiosity gets the best of me, but I walk forward anyway, wanting to ask her about the university enrollment, after all she is the receptionist.

As I was approaching her, I can smell a sweet scent, it did not have the same sweet scent of human blood that were pumping near me but somewhat it smelt like the fragrance of lavender. Then I realized why is it -THERE IS ANOTHER VAMPIRE HERE. I walked towards Aurore step by step, little by little, and the scent just keep getting stronger. Did the scent I inhaled belonged to Aurore? I do not know.

It seemed to be an eternity when I finally reached the table.

"Excusez-moi, je me demande si je peux m'inscrire à l'université?" (Excuse me, I am wondering if I can enroll into the University?) I asked.

Instead of smiling like other receptionist do when they reply to a person that asked them a question, angrily with her high-pitched musical voice, she said, "
Qui êtes-vous? Et que fais-tu ici?" (Who are you? And what are you doing here?).

I quickly realized that the scent really do belonged to her, and she IS a vampire.

"Je vois que vous, mademoiselle Aurore, est la réceptionniste de l'école. Je ne veux de mal, je ne veux m'inscrire à l'université et apprendre des choses ici." (I can see that you, miss Aurore, is the receptionist of the school. I mean no harm, I only want to enroll into the university and learn things here.)

I can feel another set of eyes on me, so I turn around and saw a male staring at me. The male was wearing a suit that only janitors wear. Could he be a vampire too?

"Puis-je vous faire confiance, les jeunes d'un?" (Can I trust you, young one?)

Bien sûr. Puis-je savoir quel sujet est disponible ici?" (Of course. May I know what subject is available here?)

With shock in her already dark eyes, she said, "Beaux-là. Il existe un petit nombre de sujets disponibles ici, y compris la médecine, des arts et des lois." (Fine then. There are a few subjects available here, this includes Medicine, Arts and Laws.)

I considered the options I have at hand. Then I finally decided.

"Je voudrais prendre un médicament que mon sujet principal, vous pouvez aussi bien ajouter à trop de lois." (I would like to take Medicine as my major subject, you might as well add in Laws too.)

"Je vais vous inscrire pour vous dans quelques minutes." (I will register that for you in a few minutes.)

I waited for a few moments when she finally speak again.

"Là vous allez, voici votre calendrier. Assurez-vous que vous n'avez pas m'exposer, ou je vous tuerai moi-même!" (There you go, here is your timetable. Make sure you do not expose me or I will kill you myself!)

"Ne vous inquiétez pas, je tiendrai ma promesse." (Do not worry, I will keep my promise.)

I walk away thinking what did she meant by she will kill me myself, then I shuddered at the thought. I had tried to kill myself many times a few months ago, but still, listening to a threat that said she will kill me with what ever means she may use, frightens me. If I am still a human, my heart would be beating furiously.

I do not know why I chose Medicine as my major subject, maybe it is just because it seemed to attract my interest. The field of Medicine seemed somehow appealing to me. Maybe that is my call, my reason. Probably...

I also enter for Laws. I have a feeling that it might be useful one day, besides, I have nothing to do at night, I might as well learn them.

I better go and hunt. Being near so many human just make the scorching flame back again.

Till then.


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